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Dr. Eric French DO


Dr. Eric French D.O. | Medical Director

Psychiatrists are specially trained doctors schooled in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. Dr. French is a licensed psychiatrist in the state of Colorado. As a licensed Psychiatrist Dr. French can diagnose a wide range of mental illnesses and prescribe and manage patient medications.

Dr. Ron Schwenkler LPC | Clinical DirectorPSYCHOLOGIST

Dr. Ron Schwenkler LPC | Clinical Director

Psychologists are highly trained in human behavior and cognition. Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists usually cannot prescribe medication Dr. Schwenkler is a highly-trained trauma therapist with over 35 years of mental healthcare experience. Dr. Schwenkler’s education and experience make him an expert at providing counseling services and treating emotional and behavioral disorders. As a psychologist, Dr. Schwenkler cannot prescribe or manage medications.


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